Venezuela Oil Project
User Name:  PDVSA
Product Name: Forged steel gate valve

Because of the ability to cut through liquids, gate valves are often used in the oil and gas industry. For the size which is smaller than 2"(DN50), forged steel valves are recommended. Compared with cast valves, forged valves offer the advantages of more uniform structure, greater density, higher strength integrity, enhanced dimensional characteristics and closer dimensional tolerances. Dreamax understands that the reliability, high performance and longevity are so important for your valves used in the industries. Dreamax provides a total solution for safety, providing products for each phase of process. Dreamax valves have been successfully used in the oil and gas industry such as PDVSA and other famous companies in the world.

What’s more, Dreamax’s complete product line allows customers to use one source for all of their needs. No other company provides such a complete approach to the industry process.

The advantages of our unique products translate to almost every industry. Whether it be in the Oil, Gas & Refinery, Mineral processing, Chemicals, Water treatment, metallurgy, construction, Pharmaceutical, or Petrochemical industries, Dreamax has almost certainly already supplied an advanced valve design to address a similar issue, somewhere in the world.

Dreamax would be pleased to work with you on a process, design, or improvement in your project.
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