Two Functions Air Valve/ Inner Lined Sewage Air Valve(Omega HP)
Two Functions Air Valve/ Inner Lined Sewage Air Valve(Omega HP)
    Omega HP For Slurry Double Effect Air Valve
    Size range: NPS 2"~8"
    Pressure ratings: 150LB / 300LB / PN16 / 600LB
    Working temperature:-29°C ~ +120°C.
    Suitable Medium: Slurry / Sea Water / Sewage / Corrosive chemical. etc
    Body Material: ASTM A216 WCB
    Trim Material: A276 SS316
    Seat: EPDM
Omega HP for slurry double effect Air Valve general situation
Omega HP for slurry Air Valve is based on the improved design of Omega normal. Besides with the advantages of Omega normal, also has other advantages.
1.It is designed for slurry, Suitable for extreme conditions: Slurry pipelines, waterlines, sewage, and high corrosion condition. etc
2.The Air Valve body lined EPDM, can be applied in high corrosion conditions.
3.Smooth cage outside of the float, keep floating ball moving in specified guide rail.
4.High venting capacity, The capacity of venting and suction is better than normal two holes Air Valve.
5.Reduces pressure drop.
6.Stainless steel A276 SS316L floating ball and other metal parts in contact with the media. Stainless steel floating ball is safe and reliable with long life
7.Maintenance can be easily performed from the top without removing the air valve from the pipe.
8.Coating suitable for highly aggressive environments(Epoxy).
Performance Standard
1.Design & Manufacture standard as to: ASME B31.3 ASME B16.34
2.Height dimension (H)  standard as to: MFR-STD
3.Flange dimension conforms as to: ASME B16.5 / BS EN 1092
4.Testing And Inspection as to: API 598
5.Pressure-temperature conforms as to: ASME B16.34
6.Anti Corrosion as per NACE MR-0175(2002) requirement
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